john koster
john koster for county council


john and kids
dear neighbor,

thank you very much for your particpitation in our recent election.  as we move forward into a new term, we hope that you will continue to be an important part of building a brigher future for all of our children..


after serving our county for six years in the state legislature and now three more as a county councilman , i've found that there is far more that our citizens agree upon than disagree.  as a life-long snohomish county resident and third generation dairyman and small business owner, i have tremendous faith and optimism that our county government can and should meet the challenges of the day.  i believe we can solve the problems before us without sacrificing our freedoms.

as your councilman, my priorities start with protecting jobs and increasing opportunities for snohomish county citizens.  i am a proponent of a balanced approach in government that encourages sound economic principles and defends our quality of life.  protection of our farmlands and the agricultural industry, defending the environment, defending traditional family & cultural values; are all important ways to ensure that snohomish county remains "family friendly" and a great place to live in the coming years.  strong law enforcement and a just legal system are the cornerstones of county government and must be well maintained and well funded.  upgrading our transportation and infrastructure is very, very expensive and remains one of the great challenges before us. again, working together we can successfully meet our toughest challenges.

common sense, citizen involvement and input, cooperation and perseverance; are all essential if are going to achieve our mutual goals.  i am honored to be serving as your county councilman and welcome your comments.


john koster